Dear shooting friends,

Pay attention to the following very important information concerning of bringing the weapons into Czech Republic to the international competitions in the events of the shooting sport.

a) Write the list of weapons of your team.

b) Is is necessary to visit our consulate and to fill the special paper vithout any fee ( CZE act No 20/1996).This procedure is suitable aspecially in case of great number of shooters in your team traveling by train or air not to be wait for a long time. It is also possible to fill it in our frontier. This paper will fill the responsible person who will go with all weapons over the frontier except air rifle. In this case it is posibility You will be waiting several hours in the crossing point. Any fee not to be paid too. 

c) Cheif of the team, group or individual must have the original Official Invitation (O.I.). Not copy, not from fax!! Therefore this paper will be sent by post to you. To be clear: for example - if the part of your team will go over the frontier in two passes, points, have to have two O.I. See the question in Preliminari Application - how many pieces of O.I. you need. Without O.I. which has the special rubber stamp of our state office is really impossible to take the weapons to our country. Everything mentioned above is according to act from April 9th 2002 and it is strictly kept.

d) Only person who is owner of the European Weapon Card need not O.I. This Card is possible to use only for individual transport of weapons.

e) For the entry in to the Czech Republic a the transport of weapons it is necessary to have own and valid passport. Another documents are not accepted on the our frontier.